Overnight Sensation
By Nadine St. Denis
Apr 15, 2008 - 7:14:00 PM

Kerrington Manley or Kerri as she is called by her friends, knows shes 'pleasantly plump', as her best friend Lisa always says, but she has always wished to be one of those itty bitty things who could eat all the sundaes they want and never worry that it will head straight to their thighs!  But you have to play the hand your dealt right?  Not always, when opportunity literally stands in front of Kerri in the form of Armand d'Sandro, owner of D'Sandro Clothing, and offers her the job that millions of women would die to have, it's not too hard to guess what she will do.  Head to New York and become an overnight sensation.

For as long as Kerri can remember she has lusted after male model, Griffin Davies.  But so has pretty much every other woman between the ages of the twelve and sixty!  Getting to meet him is a dream come true for this small town girl, getting him into bed is a fantasy she never dreamed possible.  But will a one-night stand be enough for either of them?


When fate throws his gorgeous brother in her path and her bed, Kerri is more confused then ever.  Which brother holds her heart?  Dr. Cole Davies who is sweet, dependable and oh so sexy?  Or playboy Griffin Davies who is wicked, funny and oh so sexy?  If her secret gets out, she could lose them both.


OVERNIGHT SENSATION by Christy Gissendaner is a wickedly delightful story about a regular gal caught between two sensational men, who just so happen to be brothers.  I thoroughly enjoyed the characters especially the heroine who is portrayed as a real woman.  Plus you can't help but root for both men.  If your looking for a book with a different approach that has lots of sizzling passion, than this novel is for you.

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