Own the Wind: A Chaos Novel
By Chrissy Dionne
May 26, 2013 - 2:38:46 PM

Parker “Shy” Cage is the epitome of a biker.  He’s rough, callous, and does as he pleases, within the Chaos rules of course, and makes no apologies for doing so.  The trouble is that he views Tack, Tabitha’s dad as a pseudo father figure, so whenever the little princess gets herself in trouble he’s the one who makes sure that she’s safe – until her actions cause him to take some drastic ones of his own which result in her scurrying off and turning her back on her ‘biking family’ while she purses a career and a ‘safe’ relationship with a man.

Tabitha Allen is the princess of the biker club called Chaos.  As far back as she can remember Shy’s always been there for her, but being confronted with the reality of his lifestyle scared her in a way nothing else could.  She shaped up, finished her education and even eventually got engaged; then tragedy struck and her fiancé was killed.  Once again she’s pulled back to the bosom of Chaos and finds herself turning to Shy for solace – and so much more.  Only any relationship between them involves more than just the two of them – and that’s a complication they just aren’t ready for quite yet.


Growing up in a biker club you’d think Tabitha would be aware of some of the idiosyncrasies of the relationships but she’s not.  Somehow she’s completely oblivious to what being a ‘biker’s woman’ entails – and that all by itself leads to many ‘OMG’ moments and had me chuckling at the protective instincts of these men.  They mean well but some of their actions seemed a little over the top.  I love how Shy is so willing to do whatever is necessary to please Tabitha, including putting himself at risk in a bid to save her friend from her own stupid mistakes.  Shy’s background and how he came to be with Chaos is extremely interesting, but it’s also full of answered questions – and ultimately a satisfying moment when Shy confronts the uncle who raised him.  All in all, I found OWN THE WIND to be a satisfying read, full of fascinating characters and dialogue I’m not normally privy to but found intriguing just the same.  What I really loved is the great insight this story gives into the inner workings of Shy and Tabitha’s minds.  They even had a huge fight over the kind of refrigerator to buy which I found endlessly humorous.  I’ve never read any of Kristen Ashley’s books before but I’ll definitely be watching for more of her titles to add to my ever growing TBR pile.


For Tack and Tyra’s story pick up a copy of MOTORCYCLE MAN (which is the last title in Ms. Ashley’s DREAM MAN series – as well as a spin off title into her new series, CHAOS).

The next title in the CHAOS series, FIRE INSIDE, is slated to be released on June 4, 2013.


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