Owning Rachel
By Staci Kilpatrick
Nov 5, 2006 - 6:01:00 PM

Rachel Morrissey has a problem; she is plagued with erotic dreams.  They are encroaching into her waking hours and dealing with the after affects while trying court cases is just not convenient for her.  Rachel is a control-driven woman who finds herself unable to control this part of her life. 

Jonathan Sinclair is a handsome psychiatrist and Rachel has come to him to find relief from her dreams.  In the office, he is unable to help her, but he gives her a phone number, his brother Jackson’s, and asks her to call it when she is ready. 


When Rachel, Jonathan and Jackson come together it is explosive.  Their chemistry together is a wonderful mix of love, power and eroticism.  The brothers introduce Rachel to the world of d/s and teach her how to let go and trust that they will be there to catch her every time.  Will she allow them to be in her life to catch her or will she go on her own and back to her old life?


OWNING RACHEL is a wonderful book that I truly enjoyed reading.  It explained dominance and submission in a way that I could accept and even envy.  Ms. Layle is a talented writer and was able to depict a lifestyle that is usually spoken of in whispers so cleanly and in depth to make it real and alluring.  This story is about letting go of control to another person and trusting that person with everything from your basic needs to what your imagination can dream up. 

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