Oyster Blues

Author: Michael McClelland

Publisher: Pocket Star Books

Release Date: Reissued /February 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Harry Harper can't believe the circumstances he's in now.  Here he is, in this godforsaken country in Central America
, in this room with all these cockroaches.  Finally, he's drunk enough by now, he decides to use his gun, and shoot them.  Of course, he forgot the walls are paper-thin .  Immediately, the woman he's renting the room from comes flying in, screaming in Spanish.  Now Harry doesn't understand a lot of Spanish, the only words he can make out are murder and champion.  He takes off running with nothing but the clothes on his back.  And runs into a giant of a man with a sailboat.  Well, one thing leads to another, and the giant and his companion make Harry an offer.  They're taking a coffin to Florida, and since the little guy with the giant is sick, they want Harry to bring the boat to a specific point in Florida.  They even offer him five thousand dollars to do it.  Well, considering Harry is afraid a mob is after him for the murder he supposedly committed, it's an offer Harry can't refuse.

Jane Ellen Ashley wasn't raised in the best of circumstances.  She lives in Apalachicola Bay, Florida.  She lives with Nate.  Jane Ellen never thinks about her poverty, she just deals with it.  Jane Ellen reads all the time.  She always has her nose stuck in a book, regardless of what it is.  People feel sorry for her and give her all kinds of books.  Eventually, Jane Ellen gets a job at a bar shucking oysters.  She's saving all her money so she can go to Europe, maybe Paris.  She has always dreamed of getting away.


What happens when the two of them eventually meet?  What of the murder Harry committed?  Who exactly did he kill?  What of the coffin on the boat?  What does it contain?  Just who owns the boat Harry is on?  And how does a Florida Senator fit into all of this?


OYSTER BLUES is an exceedingly humorous book of circumstances , and how they all tie in together.  Even though this is not my normal type of book to read, I have to admit I loved it!  It's extremely original, the plot moves along, and everything ties in together beautifully at the end.  It's wonderfully amusing to watch this comedy of errors , as Harry and Jane Ellen meet and fall in love.  I highly recommend Michael McClelland's OYSTER BLUES to anybody in need of a laugh.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chere

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