The Zodiac Club, Book 1 – Midnight Seductions
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 9, 2010 - 8:10:57 AM

Isabella, a.k.a. the late night Mistress of Love, dishes out advice on callers’ love lives on her radio talk show but her own romantic needs have been sadly neglected.  It’s her twenty-eighth birthday and she’s determined to live life to its fullest.  No more dwelling on past disappointments.  Besides her horoscope specifically says she should ‘entertain all options’ and that’s exactly what Isabella intends to do.

Isabella makes sure she looks her very best before joining her friends at Club Retro for the evening.  Since her job often puts her squarely in the public eye she’s always aware of her appearance but tonight she takes extra care and is extremely pleased with the results.  It’s the perfect boost for her self confidence and what she hopes will be a new beginning. 


Upon arriving at Club Retro Isabella is distracted by a movement in the mirrored panels of the building and finds herself captivated by a man dressed all in black.  Before her wayward fantasies get too x-rated her grandmother calls on her cell phone breaking her out of her lustful imaginings.  By the time she ends the phone call and pivots to head inside the man has moved and she runs straight into him.  There are definitely sparks between them but Isabella’s at the club to meet her friends so as much as she’d like to take him up on his offer that would make the evening exceptionally memorable she’ll have to decline - at least for now.   


Frustrated, Max bides his time and watches Isabella as she celebrates with her friends and approaches her as soon as he senses an opportunity.  What transpires is a sole searing kiss but then his pager goes off and the moment is gone.  Isabella slips away but not for long.  Max is determined to get to know Isabella and he’ll use any and all opportunities available – including calling into the Mistress of Love’s late night talk show.


How on earth did I miss this gem of a story?  Patti Shenberger’s compelling style of writing snags the reader’s interest and really brings these characters to life.  I got a real kick out of Isabella’s radio show… oh my, who would have thought late night radio could be so … arousing?  MIDNIGHT SEDUCTIONS is an utterly charming tale full of passion, friendship, a bit of suspense and humor so that you feel compelled to learn everything you can about these characters and their situation.  If you’re looking for a fun and sexy read then Ms. Shenberger’s MIDNIGHT SEDUCTIONS is certain to satisfy.


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