Zodiac Club, Book 3 – Mistletoe Seductions

Author: Patti Shenberger

Publisher: eXtasy Books

Release Date: December 15, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Evie Westin is footloose and fancy free.  She loves indulging in exotic vacations and indiscriminate sexual encounters.  After all she’s not ready to settle down with and get married and there’s nothing wrong with sewing a little wild oats while she can.  Her new job as the decorator at the Rockwood Department Store is a dream come true but it’s the unexpected perks that have her positively drooling.

Twin security guards, Brock and Brandon Collier, spend their evenings closely monitoring the Rockwood Department Store cameras.  Normally the only notable thing they ever see is the night janitor’s nightly butt scratch session but when they notice new employee Evie putting up the Christmas decorations they make it their personal mission to ensure that this Christmas will be engrained in her memory.


Evie makes no apologies for her devil may care lifestyle.  Her recent adventure had her enjoying the sun, sand, margaritas and hot men in Aruba but now it’s time to return to work and that means enduring cold Michigan temperatures.  Her excitement about her new job only grows stronger when she gets a good look at the decorations she’ll be permitted to use.  It’s her dream job come to life.  Combine that with the appearance of a hunky security guard and the knowledge that there’s another one who looks just like him and suddenly work is more of a pleasure than she’d ever hoped. 


Patti Shenberger’s ZODIAC CLUB series is a fun and entertaining series of short stories which are based on a group of friends and how their horoscopes play into their personalities and relationships.  With the third title in this series, MISTLETOE SEDUCTIONS, Ms. Shenberger delves into Evie’s fantasies and expounds on her uninhibited nature while still presenting her as a warm-hearted caring woman and friend.  Brock and Brandon are perfect for her.  They genuinely enjoy her adventurous side and think nothing of indulging in her fantasies.   


Be sure to pick up copies of MIDNIGHT SEDUCTIONS and CANDID SEDUCTIONS for even more Zodiac adventures and be on the lookout for more titles in this series – after all there all twelve signs in the Zodiac.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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Romance Junkies Publishing Editor: Chrissy


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