Fall Into Me
By Lydia Ferrari
Apr 1, 2010 - 10:57:16 PM

In Lambert Falls everything usually remains the same, until the author Allen Michaels decides to write about the town’s founding father, the ancestor of the town sheriff, Bobby Granger.   Bobby Granger has been a single widower for many years.  His whole life has been focused on raising his two orphaned nieces as his own.  Now that they are grown, it is his time to love again.

Sheriff Granger has been asked by the mayor of Lambert Falls to escort the author from the airport to the suite above the town’s library.  Sheriff Granger does not mind the menial task because he has been a fan of the author and owns all of his books.   The fun begins when all of Sheriff Granger’s preconceptions about his favorite author are shattered when he discovers that “he” is really a “she” and her real name is Michaela Allen.

Michaela and Granger make an excellent argument for the saying “opposites attract”.  He is easygoing small town and she is fast paced independent big city.  However, in this case they also complement each other.  Both characters are strong in their own right and bring an individual perspective to their relationship that the reader can easily relate to, whether they are from a small town or a large city.

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