Paging Dr. Jones
By Dina Smith
Jun 1, 2005 - 8:30:00 AM

Even after a year of being divorced Catherine McGuire's ex husband Stan still harassed her when he was drinking. For five long years Catherine put up with the beatings but when she miscarries their child she finally had enough. Catherine filed for divorce, got a restraining order and tried to move on with her life; unfortunately Stan wasn't ready to let Catherine go. 'I will make sure that no man will ever look at you' Stan's words rang in Catherine's head right before everything went black.

Dr. Jones could not understand what could cause a man to beat a woman so badly. He made a decision to help this woman with making sure that this never happened again, but before long something else was drawing Dr. Jones closer to this mysterious woman. Dr. Jones could not explain what made him feel so at ease with Catherine or why he read her his poetry, it was like she was familiar somehow.

When Catherine woke up the first thing she remembers is the strange yet friendly voice that was talking to her. The next thing she remembers is the pain and the fact that she could not see anything. Something about Dr. Jones voice seems to comfort Catherine, makes her feel safe. Catherine finds herself looking forward to the doctor's visits and dreading the time when she will have to leave the hospital and her doctor behind for good.

PAGING DR. JONES is an emotional book that touches on the subject of abuse and how it affects the lives of so many people. Ginger Simpson did a great job in bringing this subject out into the open with the tact and sensitivity it deserves while giving Catherine the happiness that she deserves. Of course having a handsome hunk like Dr. Jones taking care of you is always a plus.

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