Paper Moon: The Moonstruck Series: Book 1

Author: Linda Windsor

Publisher: WestBow Press

Release Date: February 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Caroline Spencer was divorced and a single mother to Annie. Annie and Caroline's daycare business, Little Angels Daycare Center, and God, were the love of Caroline's life. Annie was a growing teenager who loved her mother dearly. But at the same time, she wanted a little room to grow as a person, and she secretly yearned for a father figure in her life.

Annie was glad that her best friend Karen was going on the trip. All three of them would be sharing the same room, and both girls found it easy to talk with Caroline. She was a cool mom, according to them.

Karen found out that her father, Blaine Madison, might miss the flight and she was a little disappointed when they boarded the plane and were ready to take off. Caroline helped Karen through her disappointment, telling her that he'd catch another flight and meet them. Still, Karen felt hurt. But soon the pain was taken over by joy when her father boarded the plane, just in time!

Once the whole group landed in Mexico, it was full speed ahead. The whole trip was mapped out and planned in advance, and they had to stick to the tour scheduling. If any of them missed boarding the bus, they'd be left behind, trying to catch up to the group.

Everyone in the group were made aware of what they could do and what they couldn't the whole trip while visiting Mexico. Even though everyone realized the rules, teenagers being teenagers, sometimes didn't think before they acted. And Karen fell prey to that.

She met a boy she liked and he asked her to mail a card to his mother back in the states. John explained that it takes so long for letters to reach the states, it wouldn't reach his mother in time for the holiday. Well, Karen didn't think twice about taking the card and mailing it once they were back home, and she secretly took the card. John hoped that Karen would keep the card a secret, his life could depend on that card.

Blaine on the other hand, was not that convinced that the boy was good enough for Karen, even to spend time on a vacation with. There was something about John that he didn't like.

For the most part, Karen did keep it quiet. That was, until John asked for the card back. When Karen went to get the card and return it to John, the card came up missing. No big deal, Karen thought, she'll just replace the card.

It was a big deal for John though when he found out. He was smuggling stolen goods inside that card. And if she couldn't produce the card, he might be killed. But, he couldn't tell Karen that because it would blow his cover.

PAPER MOON will have you laughing and tugging at your heart the whole time you read this story. The love that this group has for each other even though at times, they could beat each other up, will have you reading the book until the very last page, not willing to put it down.

You'll also find that love can be where you least expect it, like Caroline and Blaine found out. They'll find it hard to open their hearts and take chances, but you'll be rooting for them every step of the way and you'll all but celebrate with them when they finally discover their lives will never be same if they're not together.

If you like inspirational books with a whole lot of surprises, suspense, and a ton of laughs, I highly recommend you read PAPER MOON. This is the first book I've read by Linda Windsor, but it won't be my last.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Kimberly Leslie

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