Author: Judith McNaught

Publisher: Simon & Schuster, Inc.

Release Date: June 1, 1992

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Bancroft is smart, savvy, beautiful and engaged to one of the most eligible men in Chicago.  She appears to have it all.  Nevertheless, underneath the skin and behind closed doors, things are not that simple.  Meredith is vulnerable in her personal and financial struggles.  She is constantly in a fight for her father’s approval and affection.  Two of the things Meredith has struggled for and wants the most are the two things she may never have.  In a unending fight for the company her father started, she relentlessly has to prove she is just as capable as any man is.  Meredith is hit with a double whammy, first she finds out she is still married and secondly that she is still married to the man she believes betrayed her and could be set to do so again. 

Matthew Farrell is a self-made man who once thought he had the world when he married the socially elite Meredith.  Together, they created a maelstrom of passion that went down in flames of defeat, lies, deceit and heartbreak in the same storm.  Since then, Matthew has decided no woman is worth that kind of effort or treachery again.  That is until he finds out that his divorce from Meredith is not a divorce at all, but a hoax played out by a greedy wannabe lawyer!  He is still laboring under his impressions of eleven years ago; Meredith is a selfish-uptown girl.  Meredith is not what he thinks she is. Sparks fly, old lies come to light and past secrets will be revealed.   


Once again, Judith McNaught has ensnared me from start to finish!  As a long time fan of Mrs. McNaught, I could not pass up this opportunity to re-read an old favorite from her.  PARADISE is a beautifully told story that has you rooting for one side and then the other.  Meredith and Matthew have long since held my heart and have yet to let go.  The wonderful love between these two is a timeless classic and right away, you know that these two people are meant for each other.  I am doubly glad to not only been able to re–read, re-own and re–introduce myself to this wonderful story again.  Years later and many McNaught stories more, Ms. McNaught is still an automatic buy for me - no matter what.


Congratulations Ms. McNaught for another timeless tale and transporting me into a world filled with everlasting love, passion, honor and redemption.  I hope to have the opportunity to read and review more from this author.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: R. C.

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