Paradise of Pleasure
By Suzie Housley
Jun 1, 2011 - 5:26:07 AM

Ever since Elaina Roman read a BDSM novel she has been intrigued by the overall concept.  She throws caution to the wind and asks her boyfriend Mike to incorporate some of these elements into their love life.  He is not willing to help fulfill her fantasy and the two end up going their separate ways.

Elaina doesn't let this break up detour her from seeking out the BDSM lifestyle.  Through the internet, she finds an exclusive private BDSM resort known as Placeres del ParaĆ­s.  There she meets Lucas, the manager.  He is quick to welcome her to the island, and asks when to expect her Master.  Elaina then realizes her mistake, that this establishment is a couples retreat.


The ownerDerrick Collins, immediately takes an interest in Elaina.  There is something about her innocence that sets his Dom instincts into full force.  He knows that he must have her as his submissive.  He wants to be the one to introduce her body to BDSM and show her all the pleasures that it offers.


Elaina doesn't hesitate to accept Derrick's invitation to be her Master for the duration of her stay.   She recognizes that he is just what her body has been craving.  Derrick fulfills her innermost desires, and opens up a world she never knew existed.


When the times comes for her to leave his fantasy world, will she be strong enough to turn her back on him and leave what they discovered on the island as a fading memory? Or will he invite her to stay with him and live out their fantasy together?


PARADISE OF PLEASURE is one eye opening book.  The author has masterfully done her research to write some very delicious BDSM scenes.  I was highly impressed with all of the detail that she incorporated into this one book.  I feel her talent shines out in her development of PARADISE OF PLEASURE.  For anyone who is new to BDSM, this book will definite provide you a rewarding experience.

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