Paris Hangover
By Ann
May 1, 2006 - 3:36:00 PM

Lauren Klein, better known as Klein, seemingly has everything.  She has a killer job as a fashion consultant, a well-to-do boyfriend and an awesome Tribeca triplex.  However, she isn't entirely happy.  Her boyfriend, Thierry, doesn't want kids and she feels her maternal instincts kicking in.   With her biological clock ticking away, Klein decides to quit everything and move to Paris to satisfy her itch for Frenchmen.  Will she find the man she is looking for or will the cultural differences and language barrier have her running back home to America?

PARIS HANGOVER is a cleverly written story that combines some steamy sex scenes, self discovery and the pursuit of Mr. Right in a journal format.  I thought starting over in Paris was scary yet amazing.  To go without regrets is something very few people could do.  In Paris, she dates several Frenchmen while confusing more than one man with her 'curious American ways.'  Despite her frustrations, Klein is much happier with her life in Paris as a painter.  She isn't settling, but rather finding herself.  She learns to appreciate the little things; even though, she misses her dad and simple things like skim milk and peanut butter cups.  I loved how Ms. Lobe adds to the book with her knowledge of fashion, foods and places in France. Her descriptions had me feeling like I was right there with her.  PARIS HANGOVER is a great debut book that made me want to experience Paris for myself.

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