Paris or Bust
By Missy Andrews
Jun 13, 2003 - 10:34:00 AM

When Carl Lawrence, owner of radio station WBAM, agreed to help provide Family Voyager magazine with publicity for their "Mother of the Year" contest he didn’t realize that he would also end up playing match maker for his son Christopher "Kit".

But when he saw the picture of Roxanne Perry and her four children he realized that she was exactly the kind of woman he had always wanted for his son. He knows that if Kit has any idea what he is up to he will run in the other direction. He figures the best way to make sure that Roxanne gets Kit’s full attention is to let Kit think that HE is interested in her.

In Daddy Come Lately, Callum Fox the owner and founder of Family Voyager magazine is shocked when, after checking the magazines web site, he discovers that two of the finalists for the contest are from his hometown. And to complicate matters even more one of them is Jodie Reilly, the one woman that he has never been able to forget. He is even more shocked when he reads her essay and discovers that she has four-year-old twin boys. The funny thing is the last time he saw her was five years ago when he went back to his hometown to settle his parent’s estate. Callum figures there is no way these boys could be his but he decides that it’s about time to pay his hometown another visit - just to make sure.

In Love is in the Air, Daisy Birmingham wants to win the Mother of the Year Contest so she can take her daughter Kylie to Paris with her. Poor Kylie runs herself ragged trying to run the small private airport that her father left her and she is in desperate need of a vacation. Unfortunately Kylie doesn’t need a vacation from the airport. The things that she needs to get away from are her mother, her grandmother both of whom she hired and now can’t bring herself to fire even though they are completely unqualified for their jobs - and oh yeah that gorgeous Wade McKinnon. Ever since that incident with the mistletoe and spiked punch at the company New Years Eve party Wade seems to be there every time she turns around. Now if she could just convince herself that she didn’t like it so much everything would run a little smoother in her life.

I really like anthologies because the individual stories usually make for a quick read and this book was no exception. This one was nice because all of the stories revolved around a central theme yet they were all very different. I have to admit to liking the third story best because the characters seemed to come to life all on their own and it was more humorous than the other two. And in the epilogue we find out that the winner is……….

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