Parker’s Price
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 1, 2010 - 4:43:56 PM

Rejection doesn’t sit well with Dean Maxwell so when he rescues an attractive woman from an overzealous admirer and she reacts like he’s the scum of the earth he’s a bit stunned.  That doesn’t stop him from being attracted to her though, and since he’s attending a charity auction which she helped to organize maybe he can finagle a way to bid on her. 

Parker doesn’t give Dean the cold shoulder until after they’ve created quite a scene. If the truth be known she didn’t even know his identity until after he kissed her in an effort to discourage her ex-boyfriend from continuing his pursuit.  Even though she’s never met him before she has good reason to despise him.  He had an affair with her sister and then abandoned her when she became pregnant.  Dean may be stunningly gorgeous but Parker isn’t about to become involved with someone with such low moral character.


Parker isn’t delusional enough to think she’ll make it through the entire evening without another confrontation with Dean but she never thought he’d do something as shocking as bid on her.  She’s not even up for auction.  Humiliated and very angry, Parker has no choice but to go along with the bid – especially since she can’t come up with a graceful way out of it but Dean’s in for a huge surprise if he thinks his charm and money will win her over. 


Dean doggedly pursues Parker until she finally agrees to fulfill her obligatory ‘date’ and go to lunch with him.  What he doesn’t tell her is that lunch will be served on a private island in the Bahamas.  He’s an honorable man and intends to prove it but so far she hasn’t given him much of a chance.  His methods might be a little unorthodox but there’s no denying that the heat smoldering between Dean and Parker has nothing to do with the temperature at their tropical getaway.  As Dean and Parker get to know each other better she finds herself questioning her preconceived notions about him.  Is it possible that there’s more to her sister’s pregnancy than she’s divulging?  Can Parker and Dean truly find happiness together or will circumstances keep them apart?


Steeped in mystery, sensual encounters, and stunning revelations PARKER’S PRICE is a thrilling read.  Dean and Parker complement each other beautifully but there are huge issues that they have to overcome if there’s any hope of them sharing a future.  While the courtship between Dean and Parker is humorous and at times even a little frustrating it’s the action that goes on when they aren’t looking that kept me guessing.  Ann Bruce isn’t afraid to mix hot and steamy romance with a little foul play.  Throw in a dash of emotional angst and the combination is sure to capture the imagination.  


PARKER’S PRICE is one of the many titles being offered by Carina Press, an offshoot of Harlequin Publishing, that specializes in e-books. 

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