Part-Time Fiance
By Dorine Linnen
Feb 19, 2004 - 12:27:00 PM

Moving into her new townhouse soon has Delainey Hodges wondering what could happen next and it certainly isn't what she expected.  The repairs that will be needed in her new home that went unnoticed before she purchased it, are overwhelming.  The annoying guy next door always seems to catch her at her best, including her efforts at making a fire in the fireplace, which results in her having to seek his help again - in her silk pajamas.  The delivery truck for her new furniture is late and she's going to be late for her new position at the bank.  Thank goodness for kind neighbors like Emma Ashford.

But, it isn't Emma she finds in her townhouse when she comes home, but that guy next door, Sam Wagner.  He sort of forgot to mention that Emma was his grandmother, but at least he repaired her faulty electrical outlet.  Sam always seems to be where she doesn't expect him, and a business dinner with clients is just about the last straw when Sam decides to make an appearance, as well as make uninvited comments.  In an attempt to take Sam off guard and teach him a lesson for meddling, Delainey claims him as her fiance.


She never dreams he would take the role so seriously, and she finds she needs him to continue that act to save her job.  But, will she be able to say goodbye to Sam when his role is over?

LEIGH MICHAELS is a master at creating fun characters that are so life-like, I found myself laughing and cheering them on.  Don't start reading PART-TIME FIANCE until you are able to read it in one sitting, because you won't want to put it down.  LEIGH MICHAELS always finds a way to surprise me with her plot and make me feel good about the romance that she's created between her characters.  Her books are what I like to term as 'feel good romances', because they always make me laugh - I always sigh at the tender romance that evolves within the pages, and they entertain me from beginning to end.


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