Partners in Passion, Book 1 - Eleanor and Justin
By Missy Andrews
Oct 20, 2003 - 4:48:00 PM

Eleanor Preston hated jeans and was convinced that they had been created by men for men and that women, especially women who had a little too much following behind them, had no business wearing them. But, for some insane reason she had let the girls at work talk her into buying a pair and was now headed off to a bar in them. She is having a miserable time until the most gorgeous guy in the place claims a dance. She can’t believe that this muscle bound Adonis is interested in her and when he wants to see her again she is sure that she is dreaming. As she and Justin see more of each other she becomes more confident in the relationship and when she learns that his partner in the bar is going to have to sell his half, she does what any loving partner would do . . . she helps him out.

Justin Collins has always been a man who appreciated a woman with a nice butt and Eleanor Preston has one of, if not the nicest, he has ever seen. He can tell that she is kind of shy and nervous which really makes him feel a little better because he doesn’t think he has ever been this nervous around a woman. She is smart, funny, sexy as all get out and just might be THE ONE for him. Unfortunately he is not getting to spend as much time with her as he would like because he is having to deal with all of the mess involved in his partner selling his half of the bar. And then he finds out that this new partner is a woman and knows that he is REALLY in a mess. Sheesh, who wants to work with a woman who probably doesn’t know the first thing about running a business, especially a business like this?


This is a wickedly funny and sexy book. Some of the scenes had me laughing out loud while others had me reaching for the fan. I would have to say that the thing that most impressed me about PARTNERS IN PASSION is the realness of the characters, especially Justin. While he is described as a man who spends a lot of time working out with weights he comes across as vulnerable and unsure of himself in his first encounters with Eleanor. He is a refreshing change from ultra alpha guys and is a perfect match for Eleanor. This is the first that I have read of either of these authors but am on my way to check out their backlists now. I would highly recommend everyone do the same.


NOTE:  this title along with the second book - NO LIMITS are now available under once cover called PARTNERS IN PASSION - THE MATING PLACE

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