Party Favors
By Gail Northman
Oct 16, 2003 - 4:11:00 PM

DANCING IN THE DARK by Jennifer Dunne


Keri Montero lives a mundane life, until one day when an invitation arrives.  The invitation is for a Halloween Costume party, the theme ‘Live a Legend’ from the world of opera.  Keri decides to go even though she knows the invitation must have been sent to her by mistake.  Going as a slave girl Keri searches the internet for an authentic costume.  Waiting excitedly, Keri’s costume arrives in the post and what a surprise it was too.  Not only did the parcel contain her costume but detailed instructions on how to wear it and its uses.

Keri, making sure no one will recognize her attends the party.

Keri is in for the night of her life and more excitement and thrills she could ever wish for and she gets to meet the man of her dreams.

TRICK OR TREAT by Madeleine Oh


Katie Fairfax is forever being bamboozled by her mother, this time she wants Katie to look after her Cousin Andrews’s cat, and she does under sufferance telling her mother that Andrew owes her big time.  Andrew knew that Katie has promised to look after his cat and tells her that she can have whatever she wants.  So Katie tells him she wants an exciting man in her bed, knowing that it is a tall order, Katie never expected Andrew to come up with the goods.  But Andrew did, in the form of his friend Jud, an arrogant man who is incredibly handsome and something about him excites Katie.  Maybe because they met in an Adult Toy shop while shopping for a present, Jud both intrigues her and frightens her in a totally delicious way.

LOUISIANA HEAT by Dominique Adair


Kay Glenn travels to Louisiana to visit Remy a man who she has been conversing with online. Kay believes Remy to be the man of her dreams.  On her arrival Kay goes searching for Remy and finds him in a gazebo, or so she thinks.  After a passionate interlude they travel to ‘Hunter’s’ fishing cabin, where her deepest darkest, fantasies come true.  But what will Kay say and do when she finds out that the man she is with is not Remy, but his cousin David, a famous artist who has become fixated with her?


PARTY FAVORS is a collection of 3 stories that revolve around women’s fantasies in particular BSDM.  Each book has a similar theme where a woman dreams of wanting more than just the mundane and the ‘vanilla’, they are looking for excitement and find it in the most interesting and delicious ways. Whether its subterfuge or mysterious man at a party or friend of a favorite cousin, these three strong and capable women have lots thrills and find their hearts desire with three very interesting sexy men. 


PARTY FAVORS is a super collection of stories by three talented authors. The stories they have created make the BSDM genre subtly wicked, erotic and passionate without extremes.  If I had to choose a favorite amongst the three it would have to be Trick or Treat I loved the characters and Jud’s character in particular as his salacious talk, sometimes outrageous and blunt seduces and entices Katie into becoming his lover while giving her everything she could wish for.


I would recommend PARTY FAVORS for those lovers of a good novel that is erotic and sensual while still containing the elements of love and romance. Three very entertaining stories, that I enjoyed reading.

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