Party Girl
By Sarah W
Apr 1, 2006 - 12:54:00 PM

Isabel Serranti is a party planner for Table Manners. She's successful and loves her job. However, when her boss coerces her into accepting the job for a party at Pantiles, the home owned by Simon Monkwell, her childhood tormentor, Izzy has no choice but to accept. They used to be the best of friends when she was growing up, but out of the nowhere he changed, becoming rude and cruel to her. She's never forgiven him for that.

Izzy's in a tizzy. She's used to clients who are bit difficult to handle, she's used to getting a party together in a hurry, but she's never had to do all that and confront her childhood all in the matter of days. But no worries right? Simon is away and isn't bound to show up at Pantiles for a few days anyway.


Unfortunately, things don't go quite according to plan and Simon shows up, looking more handsome than ever and quite unattached, just when Izzy is in the middle of planning the circus themed party for the charity event that is about to take place at the estate in a few weeks. He's charming, polite, and seems excited to see her. Izzy can't understand him, but then, she has no time to contemplate his eccentric behavior because suddenly, she is accused of ruining Simon's latest business deal. Izzy had no idea that when she talked to her ex-boyfriend Rob, she was unknowingly giving him information about the hostile takeover Simon was attempting in the US. When the truth comes out about how Izzy unwittingly almost ruined Simon's business deal, she feels so guilty that she is willing to do whatever it takes to help the Monkwells out, to save Pantiles from the bailiffs, and to prove to herself and Simon that she can put the past behind her. Will the party go off without a hitch or are there more bumps in the road for Izzy, Simon, and the eclectic characters at Pantiles?


PARTY GIRL is pure hilarity and nonstop action from start to finish! Sarah Mason has done a smashing job of pacing the novel to occur with the more hectic party planning that Izzy is doing. Ms. Mason also subtly works in a budding romance amongst the backdrop of a family that's a bit off the wall, but very, very special. Izzy is surrounded by a cast of secondary characters who will have you laughing aloud. Monty Monkwell's health habits will have you smiling, as will little Harry's attempts to beat out his fellow cub scout in the bob-a-job competition. The characters of PARTY GIRL are an energetic and delightful bunch who will win your heart with their enthusiasm and innovative ways to rescue Pantiles from creditors. This story is written in the first person, which may throw some readers off at first, but if you stick with PARTY GIRL, you're in for a pleasurable reading experience. Izzy and company are sure to touch your heart and funny bone with their crazy, but truly heartwarming antics.

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