Pasadena Promises: Against the Tide
By sherreechmitlin
Aug 15, 2006 - 5:33:00 PM

Claire was now a full-fledged photojournalist and engaged to man of her dreams.  Her career is busier that ever, since the bombing of Pearl Harbour.  When Billy, her brother, enlisted in the Marines, Claire knew that it was just a matter of time before Daniel would enlist.  Daniel tells her that he is not enlisting, but has registered as a conscientious objector.  Claire's response is giving Daniel back his ring and telling him that she never wants to see him.

Years have passed and Claire has been working for Life magazine, but has returned home to care for her ailing mother.  She is shocked to find that her mother has hired a Japanese woman as her housekeeper.  How could her mother allow this, when the Japanese had killed her brother in the war?

Claire believed in God and His protecting hand, until her brother, Billy was killed.  Will Claire find forgiveness not only for Daniel, but for the Japanese, when she returns home to care for her ailing mother?  Can Claire accept the assignment to write about the unfair treatment of the Japanese that lived in America during the war?  Will Claire finally find out the real truth about Daniel and the role that he played in the war?

Rachel Druten has written a remarkable story about the unforgiving attitudes that some Americans had toward the Japanese during the war.  Taking the steps to become American citizens and some even born in America, their possessions were taken and they were placed in camps, just because they happened to be Japanese.  Rachel Druten has shown in the novella, PASADENA PROMISES: AGAINST THE TIDE the injustice people experience during war time.  This author shows the reader a side of the war that most people never experience.  PASADENA PROMISES: AGAINST THE TIDE made me proud to be an American, but at the same time ashamed that we as Christians can treat others the way we do.  Rachen Druten has shown me that I need to show more compassion toward others.  As a Christian it is our duty to treat others as God would have us to.  I am pleased and honored to give this story a 4 blue ribbon rating.

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