Passion In Paradise 2: Paradise Revival
By Gail Northman
Nov 19, 2003 - 8:01:00 PM

Morgan Brown has created a haven in her Paradise Resort, escaping from a past filled with pain and degradation.  She has found a safe haven; peace.  The success of her hedonistic beach resort has been good.  So good, that it has brought her to the attention of freelance writer Tony Marino for a travel magazine.  Not wanting to be interviewed but knowing it would be good for business, Morgan agrees.  Morgan has doubts and reservations and determined to keep her past hidden.  But just one glance at Tony Marino has all her hidden fears surface, threatening to destroy her control and the walls she has built around herself.  Tony is dark and handsome, his Italian heritage there for all to see and Morgan finds herself lusting after him, but determined and scared to act on those desires.

Tony Marino gets one look at Morgan Brown and he is rendered mute and his knees wobble.  His job is to write an article for a travel magazine and dig up the dirt for a tabloid newspaper.  Due to overbooking of the resort rooms, Morgan had offered him a room at her home.  Tony thought this was a good way to interview Morgan.  Tony gradually finds that Morgan’s outward demeanor is a complete contrast to the woman within, and he knows she is hiding something.  Every time Tony goes to touch or get close, Morgan is skittish and moves away, he sees fear in her eyes and wants to know why?


Jaci Burton has a created a beautiful and sensitive novel that will weave a spell around you as you read.  Deeply emotional, I had a lump in my throat as Morgan was treated with the utmost care by Tony.  Tony is the ultimate hero, considerate, passionate, giving and strong enough to allow Morgan to be in control.


PASSION IN PARADISE 2: PARADISE REVIVAL is the second book in Jaci Burton’s Passion in Paradise series. I feel that PARADISE REVIVAL far surpasses PARADISE AWAKENING which is the first book in the series. Sensual, erotic and deeply emotional and set in a tropical paradise, what more could you want.

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