Passion - In Wilde Country series, book 2
By Dottie
Feb 25, 2015 - 9:56:14 PM

Matteo Bellini does not believe in love after seeing his father marry a woman in America while still married to his mother in Italy. He and his siblings have only recently discovered that they have half-siblings in America. Unlike the rest of his family, he wasn't ready to let bygones be bygones and become one big happy family anytime too soon. Matteo is the last of his siblings still unwed since his twin, who once shared his views, had recently wed. Discovering that his siblings and half-siblings have matchmaking plans for him for the evening, Matteo braves a snowstorm in his escape to return home from the family get together. But he doesn't plan on the snowstorm and barely makes it to the airport before it is closed down. That evening, as he settles in at home, he receives a phone call from one of his clients, Tony Pastore. He and Tony grew up in the same Sicilian village, but they had never been friends and Matteo really did not care for the arrogant bully. Tony wants Matteo to handle his divorce, even though Matteo told him that he only deals in corporate and estate law, not family law. Still, Matteo reluctantly agrees to meet Tony and his wife for dinner.

Ariel Bennett is confused and the only thing she knows for sure is that she's unhappy. Her husband Tony treats her like she is crazy and hires a nurse to stay around the clock with her, feeding Ariel pills throughout the day and night. Finally, assuming the pills are making her so disoriented, Ariel stops taking them, only pretending to take the pills until she can spit them back out. At one time she had thought her husband loved her, but now she knows differently, with the things he says to her and does to her, whether she wants him to or not, stripping her of her right to say no. For the time being, the most important thing to Ariel is beating the fog in her head so she can find a way out. When Tony suddenly promises to take her to dinner, she thinks this may be her chance to escape.

Upon meeting Ariel, Matteo knows he cannot take the divorce case. Instead, he recommends to an irate Tony that he take her to see a doctor. When she subsequently manages to escape Tony, the man accuses Matteo of hiding her. But it is not until later, following a call from an out-of-state hospital regarding a woman who was involved in an accident and only had some money and his business card on her, that Matteo learns the location of the injured woman. Among other injuries, she is suffering from amnesia and does not remember anything about her past. Although Matteo immediately goes to her, he has no intentions of telling Tony yet.

As he tends to Ariel, Matteo realizes that he is doing the one thing he swore he would not do...fall in love. But as he tries to help this woman who has no idea who she is, but still senses danger from possible pursuers, real or imagined, Matteo has some decisions to make. Is she a mentally ill woman who needs professional help, or is she running away from a man who wants to kill her?

An action-packed tale, PASSION, the second book in USA Today bestselling author Sandra Marton's IN WILDE COUNTRY series, is a suspense-filled, passionate, contemporary romance that readers will find nearly impossible to put down before discovering the conclusion. I was drawn in from the very first page and loved this book, anticipating a re-read very soon. Matteo and Ariel are wonderful together and though she is married, she is not aware of it. Unfortunately, Matteo does know, but he finds it hard to resist her. He has never felt this way about a woman before and suddenly realizes why his siblings gave up their freedom for marriage. Regrettably, there is already another man in her life. Will she give them a chance once she regains her memory, or return to her husband?

Domestic abuse, terror, a greed for power, family loyalty, sibling rivalry, strong characters, tender emotions, passion, romance and true love make this book unforgettable. I have read all of Ms. Marton's Wilde and Bellini books and loved every one. This one is no exception. Ms. Marton has a talent for writing exciting tales packed with suspense, sensuality and stirring love, which have made her a constant on my list of must read books over the years. But why take my word for it. Pick up a copy of PASSION today and discover Ms. Marton's delightfully exciting world for yourself! But be prepared: these books can become addictive!

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