Passion in Paradise – Paradise Awakening
By Missy Andrews
Sep 3, 2003 - 8:52:00 PM

Michael Donovan, writer of erotic crime novels, is at Paradise Resort to do research for his next book. He is NOT there to participate in any of the hedonistic pleasure games or amenities offered by the resort. Of course, if the cover model that he had been dating recently had not suddenly remembered that she had an out of town shoot, things might have been different. However, just when he resigns himself to spending the week alone he discovers that the resort has double booked his room, and he can either send the dowdy yet alluring woman away or he can share his suite with her. He knows that sending her away is the only thing he can do but when he opens his mouth to tell her just that, he suddenly finds himself offering to share instead. When his "roomy" emerges from her room, looking like a walking advertisement for sex to go to the welcome party, he decides that letting her stay may be the best decision he has ever made.

Serena Graham is having a very bad day. She has saved for months to be able to enjoy a week at Paradise Resort so she is devastated to discover that her room has been given to someone else. Someone else who just happens to be a drop dead gorgeous hunk of a man. Too bad she can’t talk him into being her partner for the week. Or can she?

Erotic doesn’t even begin to describe this first book by Jaci Burton. Imagine a place where you can indulge your every secret fantasy. A private island with lush tropical surroundings, individual cabins equipped to cater to your every sexual desire and a resort filled with people all wanting to experience the features that this sexual paradise has to offer. That is the setting for this super sexy book, which is only the first in a series of books revolving around Paradise Resort.

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