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Apr 1, 2009 - 6:44:30 AM

Robert Bauer enjoys all the things that life has to offer him, pleased with the fact that his company is weathering the financial turmoil better than most; he takes things easy and reminisces about the things he overlooked and missed out on, while building up his business. As he has never believed in the “L” word, he has never put much stock in the fact that he has never developed any personal relationships. Now that has changed, and it’s all down to a bartender who has never given him the time of day but who has left him unsure of wherever he’s even in the game or not.

Jesse is just getting his life back together, albeit that it is now going on a few months and he is still literally hiding his light under the guise of being a straight bartender. The only person that he seems to perk up for, is the handsome man that keeps coming into the bar and giving him the once over whenever he thinks he’s not being noticed.


When they end up in each others company through a quirk of fate and a whole lot of convincing, all the old insecurities come bursting forth between the two. With only knowing each other for a short while Robert is not convinced he can’t be everything Jesse needs and Jesse knows he’s been down this road before, but can he trust Robert enough to get them through this?


M.L. Rhodes is an author that one would consider an experience; you don’t just read her books. She drags you into her world and is not willing to let you go that easily, she teases you with words that are packed with emotions, she introduces us to characters and you just never know where they will turn up, and the sex scenes leaves you most definitely wanting more.


Jesse and Robert are men, and while showing the world that they can get on and get by, they are weighed down by emotional issues that they have to deal with before all is lost – sooner rather than later.


M.L. Rhodes’ PASSION is a wonderful addition to add to your shelf.

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