Passion's Minstral
By Briana Burress
Oct 15, 2005 - 1:27:00 AM

Private Investigator Silkie Trevor is going to Minstral Cay, a Caribbean nudist colony that caters to rich, privileged women who are given their wildest sexual fantasies through some of the world's most gorgeous men.  She is posing as a photographer for well know urologist, Olivia Carstairs in her search for an anchor shaped birthmark in the most private part of a man's anatomy. 

Julian St. John, owner of Minstral Cay, loses all control over his body and senses from the very first moment his eyes gaze upon the luscious body and sensual green eyes of his latest arrival.  Intrigued by his new guest, he does some snooping of his own and discovers her real purpose for being on his island.  He poses as one of his own well trained escorts in his endeavor to keep himself close to the research sessions that are going on. 


Silkie's libido is working over time as she witnesses first hand some of the most eye catching erotic poses of these gorgeous hunks as they manipulate their most private parts for her to photograph.  Her eyes have been on one particular man who does not seem to want to give himself up for her inspection.  No longer able to just watch from the sidelines, Julian finally takes Silkie in his arms, reveals his identity, and gives her the night of passion they have both been yearning for.  The intimate embraces they feel are not just of the body, but of the soul and heart.  But, will Silkie want to be a part of Julian's life on a long term basis when he tells her that he can never leave this island of his?


PASSION'S MINSTRAL in an intriguing story of the lonely, troubled lives of Julian and Silkie who discover the astounding love that binds them for a lifetime.


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