Past Lies
By J.T.
Jun 1, 2007 - 2:48:00 PM

Oh the splendid web of lies she had built over the past six years. Every one of them perpetrated with a single intention in mind. However, all of them have come to waste. Because of one man's idea of a practical joke, Anna Shrewsbury is pushed into the deadly attractive presence of Zachary Quinn.

Zach is a man who hates everything that Anna represents but still cannot help lusting after her. Despite their brief turbulent history together, and even when constantly avoided by Anna, Zach is still as hopelessly snared by her feminine charms as he ever was. Regardless of what he thinks of the shameless hussy, he still cannot get her out of his psyche. When by the will of a mutual friend, they are forced to endure each other's constant companionship; can Zach restrain himself from falling for the seductive temptress amidst the storm of sexual frustration they generate just by being in the presence of each other?
In spite of the unmistakable heated friction brewing amidst them, can Anna and Zach find a way to break through the wall of deception, antagonism and PAST LIES festering between them to find a common ground for starting a lasting relationship? Will time and honesty allow them to have something more than a brief passionate affair or will this be all that Zach and Anna have to treasure? Kim Rees is the extraordinary writer of hot, emotional romance that will leave you wanting for more even when the last word of the story has been read, as this reader found when being lured into the high tension passion between Zach and Anna.

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