Past Lies
By Christina
Jul 1, 2008 - 7:59:53 PM

Paul Loughton has worked hard to deny his true sexual preferences. As a member of the most influential family in Prestonville, a small southern town, he cannot be gay. He has always done whatever is expected of him. He was quarterback of the football team and he always dated the most popular girls. He returned home after getting his law degree to pursue the life his father has always planned for him. However, he is getting tired of living a lie and especially of living under his fathers thumb.

Randy Martin couldn’t wait to get out of Prestonville and live his life out in the open. He hated living in a town full of closed-mined people. He was never very poplar in high school and was considered a nerd. Now, Randy is returning as a rich professional. The last thing he wants is to go to his reunion but he agrees as his mother’s insistence. 


In high school Paul was always fascinated by Randy. He has tried to forget how Randy made him feel but he is very unsettled by the news that Randy will be attending the reunion. Paul isn’t sure if he can continue to hide his reaction to Randy. Randy had a huge crush on Paul but Paul would never have given him the time of day which is why Randy is shocked when his secret crush suddenly seems interested.


PAST LIES by Shayla Kersten is a hot and enjoyable read. I read this book in one sitting. Randy and Paul are interesting characters. I particularly enjoyed the way Paul’s character develops throughout the story. His relationship with Randy gives him the courage to change his life.


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