Jamesville, Book 7: Past Promises
By Natalie
May 14, 2009 - 7:46:13 PM

Linda Fletcher is finally free and out from under her family’s thumb.  Her father is a successful lawyer and wants her to marry another lawyer in his firm.  Everything that Linda has ever done has been scrutinized, and she has never felt like she ever fit in or that her parents loved her.  The only person in the world that she ever could be herself around was her grandmother.  When her grandmother died, she left Linda everything.  Counting on settling the will within a few months, Linda didn’t think twice about getting a loan where payment could be called at any time.  With Levi Mann, a quiet but handsome handyman, Linda turns the building she bought in Jamesville, Maine into an antique business.  Her first week is a success – both businesswise and romantically.  Then Linda’s life begins to unravel – first with her ex-boyfriend showing up and trying to get her to return to the family fold, and then the unthinkable happens – Linda’s loan has been bought out, and the company that purchased her loan is demanding fully payment.  It looks like Linda’s dreams and hopes are going to crash and burn – but Levi Mann has other plans.

Readers who love Ms. Walters’ JAMESVILLE series will adore this seventh installment, PAST PROMISES.  Linda, the heroine, is a savvy businesswoman and has moved to Jamesville to get out from under her controlling father’s thumb.  She has built her business from the ground up, and with the help of Levi, has singlehandedly redone an entire building in which to live.  She has been fighting her attraction to Levi the entire time she has been in Jamesville, but enough is enough.  The two characters come together the first time in a heady and sensational love scene that is passionate but almost innocent.  Levi knows he is not the right kind of man that Linda needs, but he can’t help the way he feels.  He loves her – and she loves him – unconditionally and will do anything to make her happy. 


PAST PROMISES is a great addition to your JAMESVILLE keeper shelf.  I promise!

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