Past Regrets (Love and Friendship, book 2)
By Jo
Aug 2, 2013 - 11:00:57 PM

PAST REGRETS is book two in the LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP SERIES and is one hot contemporary read bordering on erotica with even a ménage a trois remembrance thrown in.


Munro's PAST REGRETS was not at all what I expected - from the premise of the story and the twists and turns to the story line, the hot, detailed, explicit sex scenes to the closure.  Ryan, a musician in a famous rock band, was more down to earth than I thought he would be and really fought to save his marriage.  Julia was very high maintenance but that was how she protected her heart and projected her bad girl image.  The two of them together had chemistry but also a connection that was deeper although they fought it in different ways.  But look out whenever they were in agreement - the sparks did fly.  There were friends, family, heartache and sadness, happiness, perseverance, laughter, tears, hot and steamy romance and ultimately love.  There was closure but I felt the ending was too abrupt and would have liked a few more chapters.  I didn't realize I reached the end until I turned the page and it was ‘About the Author’ - no more story!

Munro is a new to me author and I will give some of her other books a try.  I will go back and read book one in the series, THE BOTTOM LINE, so I can fill in some of the back story.  For the most part this was a stand-alone book but once in a while I felt I was missing something that I should have known. There was an excerpt from book one at the end of this book that left me wanting more.  Since there are two more friends in their Tight Five circle I'm hoping there will be other books in the series that will immerse us more in their lives, tie up all loose ends and give wonderful closure.  A girl can hope can't she?



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