By Connie Spears
Jun 26, 2005 - 11:27:00 AM

Can anything else go wrong today? Julie has no idea what's causing all her bad luck of late. She woke up this morning found a gray hair and lost her job. Now as she struggles to find her keys in her purse to her apartment she's about to collide with another person. To prevent an accident from happening, the man grabs
her arms to keep her from running into to him. Julie looks up with a shocked expression on her face to see who'd grabbed her. His masculine scent sent her imagination into overdrive.

Julie's brain is straining to remember how she knows that face and voice. The man speaks to her as his eyes peruse up and down her body. When he introduces himself as Declan Poe, she remembers him and the crush she had on him when she was thirteen.

Declan asks if they could speak privately and he follows her into her apartment. He wants to know whether or not she's spoken to her father. She laughs and tells him that she has not heard from or spoken to him in over three years. He explains that her father is in over his head and that she is to be put into protective custody. Even though she wonders what her father has done, she cooperates by packing her bags. Why would anyone come after her? What did her father have that someone else wanted?

PAWN by Kit Tunstall is a short contemporary erotic romance that has a bit of mystery to the plot. Ms. Tunstall will take the reader into a world spies, enemies, and romance. I recommend this book for the fact that it is fast pace and has very steamy love scenes. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Tunstall's books.


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