Peppermint Creek Inn

Author: Jan Springer

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: June 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Sara Clarke was rebuilding her life following a great tragedy. The number of deaths she had dealt with in her life had left her almost paralyzed with pain and in need of solitude!

He was looking for his past. Struck with amnesia, heavily wounded and being chased by cops, Matthew McCullen finds himself going to the only place he can: to Peppermint Creek Inn and Sara Clarke. That was the address and name that he had found written on a piece of paper in his jacket pocket. His didn't know what else to do but find her and keep her safe. Somehow all that he could sense was danger and he had to get to her!
Somehow, Sara was going to have to learn how to trust a man who she knew to be not only dangerous but also wanted by the law. Together they would have to uncover his past and wade through all the lies, death and dirty cops to find the truth that included not only his past, but hers as well!
If there was any doubt, well, this book certainly proves that Jan Springer's calling is not only to write romance and romantica but thriller and suspense novels too! It simply proves that there is more to Ms. Springer than meets the eye. A totally different genre from romantica, PEPPERMINT CREEK INN is proof that Ms. Springer can write as well as the luminaries of the suspense/thriller genre!
Suspenseful, shocking and at times downright frightening, PEPPERMINT CREEK INN is a tale written by a master storyteller. It has the powerful voice and the edgy style that very few writers are able to harness. Though the story seems quite typical in the Bourne Identity sense of the word, PEPPERMINT CREEK INN has a few twists and turns that even the most imaginative of readers would never be able to guess what's coming. I'm definitely looking forward to more suspense novels from Ms. Springer.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Christine Ventura

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