Perfect Betrayal
By Rebecca Newsom
Oct 31, 2015 - 3:37:22 PM

Beautiful. Brilliant. Wealthy. Taylor Hudson is the girl everyone wants to be, she has killer good looks, valedictorian of her class and more money than she knows what to do with. Growing up wealthy has its setbacks, she has never been loved by her family and was a child born for the sake of appearances. Taylor has built up walls that nobody can penetrate to protect herself, that is until Levi comes into the picture. The sexy new maintenance man is Taylor's newest mission but Levi wants no part of this rich girl and her games.

Sexy. Strong. Artistic. Levi and his two best friends are working for an unknown "boss" as part of a heist that should it work out will pay off in millions. Levi is the man under cover as the new head of maintenance for the Hudsons, the wealthiest family in town. Rumor has it that Mr. Hudson has $15 million in cash stashed in a safe at his home and Levi and the gang are there to find it. There's just one problem, Taylor Hudson. Taylor takes any opportunity to throw herself at Levi and a man can only take so much before he cracks.

One look is all it takes for Taylor Hudson to realize her newest conquest. The sexy new maintenance man wants no part of Taylor but she will not give up. While Taylor is working to seduce Levi, Levi is working to steal her families fortune. You'd never imagine two people from opposite ends of town could come together but come together they do. Levi and Taylor are a sexy couple with chemistry that can light your book on fire. This game of cat and mouse will have you turning page after page and has an ending you'll never see coming.

I loved this book, Season Vining kept me entertained with both the dialogue and the sexy chemistry between Levi and Taylor. Although it is a twisted love story there's also the mystery to who the unknown boss is and she keeps you guessing all the way through. It was heartbreaking to see the hardships that both Taylor and Levi have faced in their lifetimes so I couldn't help but cross my fingers for things to somehow work out between these lovers. I was captivated by this story until the very end.

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