Perfect Formation
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 5, 2013 - 10:24:44 AM

Taryn and Richard have been friends with benefits for the past three years.  When either of them meets someone they want to date the benefits stop but in the end they always come back to each other.  They’re normally shy, sort of introverted people but when an evening of drinking leads to a stumbling encounter with a sexy man on the street, their tongues get the better of them.  Sexual comments are made that would have never been uttered if they’d been sober and they’re stunned that Caleb’s intrigued enough to want to get to know them – both of them - better. 

Caleb makes no apologies for being attracted to both Taryn and Richard.  He’s not about to start anything while the pair are inebriated but makes sure they get some food into their system, talks with them a bit, then after getting their phone numbers makes it known that he would definitely like to get together with them some evening that week.  He also doesn’t mince words about his preference to be in charge in the bedroom – which intrigues Taryn and Richard yet opens a whole different perspective on what it is that’s been missing in their attempts at finding something/someone different.


Taryn and Richard have security issues they’re facing.  Taryn lost her parents at an early age and the idea of loving and losing Caleb terrifies her.  Richard fears that Taryn and Caleb make the perfect couple and won’t have room for him in their lives.  Meanwhile Caleb’s already decided that the three of them make the PERFECT FORMATION and letting either of them go is simply an abhorrent thought.


PERFECT FORMATION starts out with a really cute drunken encounter, morphs into a titillating sexual journey and culminates in a sweet romance that captures the imagination.  I really love that Ms. Alan doesn’t just concentrate on the sexual encounters between Taryn, Richard and Caleb, she provides great insight into each of their backgrounds that really helps the reader understand their mindset.  One of the things that really caught my attention was Richard’s dedication to his patients.  There are not many people in the medical profession who display the sort of level of concern he does so it was a refreshing change, but also lent a more humanistic vibe to this storyline. 

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