Perfect Man
By jhayboy
Jan 11, 2009 - 11:32:40 AM

It’s never a good thing for a sister to set her brother up on a blind date as Alex Nichols is about to find out. It’s also not a good thing, to assume that the past will never come back and bite you on the bum, as he finds out when the man who made his last year of high school a nightmare turns out to be his blind date.

When Craig Fontaine walked through the doors of the bar where he was suppose to be meeting his date, all he saw at the bar was a gorgeous hunk of a man. Having all that man come at him with blazing fury was certainly not what he expected.


Craig has always been Alex’s fantasy man and even after all the hurt of the past, there is still a deep attraction between the two. When Craig realizes that Alex genuinely did not believe he was into the lifestyle, he knows he has his work cut out for him; however he has enough dark secrets in his past that he fears if Alex finds out, they might be over before they’ve even began.


Shawn Lane is fast becoming an auto buy for me. With PERFECT MAN we get another taste of this versatile author. With two protagonists brought together through coincidence but who have more issues than is necessary in any relationship, we are treated to not only the misery and pain of teenage years, but also to the inner strength of men who can overcome even the darkest horrors.


PERFECT MAN is a totally enjoyable read, a perfect addition to your library. 

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