The Right Man...Right Now Book 1: The Perfect Package
By Dottie
Jun 28, 2007 - 9:53:04 AM

Gwen, aka Mira Minx, runs a sex toys company called Fantasies in Form.   She concentrates solely on the company and does not socialize ; although , she does dream of a guy, Darrin, she met during spring break nine years ago.   Her company is holding a contest to find guys to use as a prototype for their latest sex toy and is asking them to send in revealing pictures.  

Darrin, an executive, has taken over running his father’s company since his father retired.   He does not have much time for a social life, but does agree to go out with his friend, Kyle, one night to Ladies Night at the Library Cafe.   After losing a bet with Kyle, he sends a picture into Fantasies in Form.


Gwen's assistant, Belinda, talks Gwen into going out and she unexpectedly runs into Darrin, her spring -break lover.   Agreeing to go home with him, she finds herself falling for him all over again.   Does he return her feelings?   How will he react if he finds out that Gwen Parker is actually Mira Minx, owner of a sex -toy company?   What will happen when she finds out that he is one of her finalists for the Perfect Package contest?


I enjoyed reading THE RIGHT MAN...RIGHT NOW  BOOK 1: THE PERFECT PACKAGE.   It was witty, romantic, sensual, suspenseful and extremely hot, hot, hot!   The secondary characters enrich the story and I look forward to reading their stories.   I recommend this charming story.   NOTE:   graphic sex

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