Perfect for the Beach
By Alane
Apr 5, 2004 - 11:47:00 AM

SOME LIKE IT HOT by Lori Foster


Dr. Cary Rupert has had a crush on Nurse Nora Chilton for months now.  But every time he asks her out, Nora turns him down.  She works for his best friend, Dr. Axel Dean.  She's heard enough to know that the gorgeous Dr. Rupert isn't the man for her.  No matter how difficult it is to keep turning him down!  When Cary overhears Nora explaining why she keeps pushing him away, he decides to set her straight.  But can he convince Nora to give him a chance?

ONE WILDE WEEKEND by Janelle Denison


Alex Wilde has been dating Dana Reed for a year now.  She's adventurous, wild and uninhibited, always willing to try new things.  Alex is ready to move their relationship to a new level.  They're off for a weekend getaway, and he plans to be engaged to Dana before it's over.  But first he has to convince the commitment-phobic Dana to spend her future with him.  She doesn't want to give up control to anyone, and believes that marriage equals loss of independence.  Does Dana trust Alex enough to take that kind of risk?



BLUE CRUSH by Erin McCarthy


Dr. Sara Davis is a serious and diligent pediatrician.  So what is she doing stranded in the ocean without her bikini top?  Her plans to spend a beach vacation in Florida as "Sexy Sara" fizzled when not one surfer paid her the least bit of attention.  Now she can only hide out in the water until every last person leaves the beach.


It's Kyle's last day on the job as a lifeguard.  He's getting ready to call it a day when he spots a woman in the water, obviously in distress.  He rushes in to rescue her from drowning, only to discover that she's merely mortified!  And her bikini top is gone for good.  As the sexy Kyle is acting as a shield to get her out of the water, Sara has an intriguing idea.  Who needs a surfer when she's got a gorgeous lifeguard right in her hands?



MY THIEF by MaryJanice Davidson


Imagine John Crusher's surprise when, as he's sliding his keycard into his hotel room door, a beautiful redhead pulls him into the room and orders him to strip.  A few moments later he finds out why.  Hotel Security is after his "roommate" and she needs to throw them off her trail.  Robin Filkins is ready to dash out of his life just as quickly as she broke in, but John convinces her to stick around for a while.  Who knew an accountant and a thief could get along so well?  Of course, it doesn't hurt when the accountant looks like a bodybuilder and the thief is stunning, intelligent and quick on her feet.  Who knows what will be stolen before the weekend is over!



HOT AND BOTHERED by Kayla Perrin


Trey Arnold is about to see his wife for the first time in two years.  And Jenna wants a divorce.  Trey has no intention of agreeing to a divorce, especially not over the phone.  Jenna may think it's as simple as signing some papers, but Trey isn't willing to give up so easily.  He's not the same man he was when their marriage fell apart.  He's grown and matured a lot since Jenna left, and he wants to give their marriage a second chance.  Can Trey remind Jenna of the love they shared and re-ignite the spark between them?



MURPHY'S LAW by Morgan Leigh


Katrissa Murphy can't believe it.  She just quit her job and she's staying at a friend's beach house to take a break from everything.  Especially men!  The last person she expects to see on the beach is Sam Parrish, her ex-boss and the object of her futile secret crush.  Sam had a tragedy in his life, Kat hasn't exactly been honest about herself, and there's a no-fraternization policy at their office anyway.


Things get worse when Kat and Sam realize they are both staying at the same vacation house.  It seems someone is trying to play matchmaker and loaned the house to both of them, without mentioning anything about sharing.  Will Kat and Sam share more than just the house?



I love the circle of family and friends that Lori Foster always includes in her stories.  Janelle Denison gives us another drool-worthy Wilde man to fantasize about.  Once again, Erin McCarthy provides a wonderful combination of funny and sexy.  MaryJanice Davidson has created a sassy, strong heroine who is just plain fun, along with a hero who's a perfect fit.  Kayla Perrin writes a heated tale of reconciliation and second chances.  And Morgan Leigh heats things up in her office romance with a twist.  PERFECT FOR THE BEACH definitely lives up to its title!

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