Perfecting Pearl
By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 7, 2007 - 4:08:00 AM

Sean Pearl is tired of the endless visits to nightclubs and events in search of Mr. Right. His best friend, Tom Little, is perfectly happy biding his time with any number of available men, but Sean refuses to settle for just a fling or one night stand. He wants to find one special man to share his life - good and bad times. Nothing else will do. The last thing he expects is to encounter the man of his dreams just outside the revolving doors of a department store.

Slipping on ice and landing on his backside isn’t the way Terry Winston had envisioned meeting the man he’d fall in love with - but that’s just what happened. After Sean helps Terry to his feet, they exchange names and agree to get to know each other over coffee and a burger at a nearby café. Just before parting ways, Terry admits to Sean that he’s gay and would love to see him again.

Over the next week, Sean and Terry talk on the phone every day but they don’t meet in person because of work commitments. While there’s never any sex talk in their conversations there’s an underlying sexual tension that has Sean eagerly anticipating their first official date. They’ve formed a bond during their talks that neither one has ever experienced with any other potential partner. Sean’s extremely hopeful that Terry will be "The One."

For their first date, they meet at the Sunset Lounge where Terry meets Tom for the first time. Sean and Terry get to know each other a whole lot better and finally opt to end the evening at Terry’s apartment. They not only end the night passionately - they also admit to loving each other.

Ruby Storm has been a ‘must read’ author for me for quite some time. Her storylines are always heartfelt with characters readers can empathize with and come to view as long lost friends. With her latest release, PERFECTING PEARL, Ms. Storm takes on a new genre for her - gay romance and she does a beautiful job. I love how Sean and Terry first meet and the easy acceptance they have for each other. They’re a wonderful couple who take their commitment to each other seriously. Sean’s friend, Tom, adds a fun loving flamboyant aura that had me wondering what he’d say or wear next. Sean’s sister, Ellie, brings an additional emotional element to this storyline that had me in tears at one point. She’s a sweet young woman who accepts her brother and his lover for the wonderful people they are regardless of their sexuality. PERFECTING PEARL does have a menage scene but it isn’t a pivotal point to the storyline and doesn’t detract from the relationship between Sean and Terry. It actually adds to the feeling of love and acceptance between these two men.

If you haven’t had the chance to read the previous two books in Ms. Ruby’s Precious gems series - SAPPHIRES OF SEDUCTION and ESSENCE OF EMERALD - be sure to pick up copies of each today. They’re wonderful stories you won’t want to miss. Also watch for her next release, MR. FULL SERVICE to be released on June 1, 2007.

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