By Tara James
Aug 3, 2005 - 8:51:00 AM

Allie Hamden is tired of heartache and has sworn off men. Determined to keep her libido in check, she desperately tries to ignore her intense sexual reaction to a sexy stranger sitting in her section in the diner. What is it about this man that sends her whole body tingling? Allie no longer trusts her heart but can she trust her body?

Bryan Hartigan has a problem most men would be envious of. Down on his luck, Bryan volunteered to be a test subject involving pheromones for the Metcher Corporation. However, becoming an irresistible sex magnet has not cracked up to be as much fun as you'd think. Desperate to find the "perfect woman" guaranteed to finally break the pheromone spell, Bryan finds himself hanging out in a late night diner. Unsurprised by Allie's interest, Bryan has bigger problems such as running from Metcher Corp, who is ever eager to get a sample of Bryan' s potent pheromone. But is Bryan so eager to hide that he is missing what is right in front of his face? 


PERFECTION is a wonderful story about a man given the gift of irresistibility and the woman determined to do just that. Allie and Bryan are great full bodied characters struggle to create a relationship out of extreme circumstances. PERFECTION is never easy to find and is harder to recognize when you do. Good thing Summer Devon makes it is easier with this great e-book.

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