Perfectly Saucy

Author: Emily McKay

Publisher: Harlequin Temptation

Release Date: February 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Jessica Sumner was tired of being the 'good girl' everyone expected her to be. Growing up the daughter of a judge and the town's most prominent family, Jessica was always expected to behave in a certain way and up until now she always has.

Jessica has been working at Handheld Technologies for six years, and after taking a nine-week business trip to Sweden, she didn't even get the promotion that she was promised. On the flight home from Sweden she picked up a copy of Saucy magazine and read an article in it titled '10 things every woman must do'. The number one thing on the list was have an affair to remember, and that is just what Jessica is determined to do. She even has the perfect man in mind, Alex Moreno.


Alex and Jessica had gone to school together, but other than that, they were worlds apart. Alex was the son of a migrant worker and spent most of his youth getting into trouble until he finally had to leave town. Now Alex is back, a successful business man who is determined to prove that he is not the same wild boy he was back in high school. Unfortunately, proving that was becoming a challenge since nobody would hire him.


When Jessica called to offer Alex a job remodeling her kitchen, it was not the way he dreamed of seeing her again but he really needed the work. When Alex showed up at Jessica's house to talk about the job, he quickly discovered Jessica didn't really want her kitchen remodeled, what she really wanted was to seduce him. Angry at Jessica for wasting his time and making him want something he could never have, and at himself for wanting her, Alex slammed the door and was gone.


Jessica was determined to have her affair to remember and equally determined that Alex be the man she has it with. As much as Alex would love to give in to Jessica's sensual attacks, he knows it will only cause bigger problems for both of them. Alex is not sure his willpower can hold out much longer, but what will happen when Jessica gets everything she wants without stopping to ask Alex what he wants?


PERFECTLY SAUCY will heat you up and leave you breathless. Alex is the ultimate bad boy and Jessica is just the person to tame his wild ways. PERFECTLY SAUCY is the sequel to PERFECTLY SEXY, and is also, Emily McKay's last Harlequin Temptation. You will not want to miss this book. PERFECTLY SAUCY will be going on my keeper shelf to be enjoyed time and time again.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dina Smith

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