Permanently Legless
By Suzie Housley
Mar 26, 2012 - 6:31:43 AM

Chris had met Josh one night while he was clubbing.  The two had an immediate attraction to one another.  Josh gave Chris his number and asked him to call him; Chris knew that their paths would probably never cross again because in a few days he was being shipped off to Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, Chris fought gallantly for his country, but in a blink of an eye his world changed when he was gravely injured.  When he awoke he realized that his injury had cost him both of his legs. 

Chris returned to his hometown wounded in body but still able to keep his sense of humor.  Restless, he decided to visit his favorite club to try and reclaim some normalcy in his life.  He was surprised to find Josh at the club.  The look of shock on Josh’s face spoke volumes; realistically he knew that such a handsome man as Josh would never want to be tied to someone with such an obvious disability.


Josh had never been able to forget the one night stand with Chris.  Seeing him now confined to a wheelchair was a shock.  Will he be able to get past Chris’s injury to be able to recapture what they had both experienced in the past?

PERMANTENTLY LEGLESS revolves around lost love being recaptured.  J.L. Merrow has done a wonderful job in writing PERMANTENTLY LEGLESS.  Chris and Josh are characters that you soon will not forget.  I would have liked to see their story a little longer as the last pages seemed to cheat the reader out of the happier ever after feeling all romance readers crave. 

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