Personal Assets

Author: Emma Holly

Publisher: Berkley Jove

Release Date: January 6, 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: Print Book

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Paris, France is the lovely and romantic setting for a duo of lovers in Emma Holly’s PERSONAL ASSETS. The reader gets to meet one of the heroines, Beatrix Clouet, first as she meets her stepfather in his office. The situation, already ticklish enough since Beatrix’s mother died six months earlier, and now Philip Carmichael is available, becomes unbearable when both Philip and Beatrix decide they don’t want to be seen together and a business associate of Philip’s arrives. Beatrix is left in a rather compromising position under her stepfather’s desk – a circumstance she takes full advantage of.

A few scenes into PERSONAL ASSETS, the reader is introduced to Lela Turner, Bea’s friend. Lela has set the task of making herself a professional businesswoman and goes off to New York City where she meets a wealthy, older man, Simon Graves, who has no idea that happiness has been eluding him. He makes a deal with Lela to trade his business management knowledge for her sexual expertise, effectively mixing a little pleasure with a lot of sex.


Emma Holly does a fantastic job of drawing her reader into PERSONAL ASSETS. Ms. Holly does what she has always done best – write erotica but this time, she combines a strong sense of romance with her hot sex scenes. PERSONAL ASSETS alternates between the fast-paced worlds of New York City and Paris to give the novel the most romantic flair possible. Bea, Lela, Philip and Simon all participate in what most people would consider a forbidden lifestyle but will that matter in the end if they’re happy? If you enjoy erotica with an element of romance, try PERSONAL ASSETS.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Aurora Rose

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