Personal Best: A Going for the Gold Novel

Author: Sean Michael

Publisher: Torquere Press

Release Date: March 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5


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Jessy Turner is one of the best swimming coaches in the country. However, his rigid routines and insistence that his rules be followed at all times have cost him more than one swimmer.   Jessy has not seen a swimmer like Mike in a long time. He is excited about working with him. Mike needs the care and attention of a private coach. Jessy knows that he can help Mike become on of the top swimmers in the world. However, he is afraid that Mike will not want to stay with him.

Mike Gaulliet has been swimming ever since he can remember. Swimming is Mike’s whole life. His parents, who he lost at a very young age, were world class swimmers as well. Mike is young and he has a lot of raw talent and energy but he needs to be reigned in. He works so hard that he often makes himself sick. All Mike wants is to make it as a swimmer; he is willing to try anything if it will help him succeed. He respects Jessy and decides to accept his help.


Mike and Jessy quickly settle into a routine. Things are going well. Both Mike and Jessy are committed to making Mike the best swimmer he can be. However, due to all the time they are spending together their growing mutual attraction is becoming more and more difficult to ignore. Mike is exactly Jessy’s type and he can’t help but care about him. Jessy is concerned that becoming lovers will adversely affect Mike’s training. For his part, Mike has never had anyone taking care of him the way that Jessy does, as a result he is developing deep feelings for his trainer. What happens when their relationship moves beyond the pool? Read PERSONAL BEST and find out.


I am usually not a big fan of sports related stories but Sean Michael is one of my favorite authors so I decided to give PERSONAL BEST a try. I was really glad I did. Sean Michael has written yet another intriguing story. I found myself rooting for Mike and Jessy. I particularly liked the development of their relationship. This story is sweet, tender and sizzling hot! I look forward to reading more about Mike and Jessy. I will definitely be checking out the sequel.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Christina

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