Hauberk Protection, Book 2 – Personal Protection
By Chrissy Dionne
May 10, 2009 - 2:38:29 PM

Sam Watson has made a career out of keeping other people safe – and he takes it personally when he doesn’t succeed in doing so.  Now that he’s the target of a stalker and is forced to rely on others for his own protection he’s finding the situation intolerable.  The upside of having around the clock protection is keeping an eye on Rosie, the lead op, whom he’s had the hots for ever since she came to work for Hauberk Security.

Rosalinda Ramos is a tough operative who takes her job seriously.  She’s been handed her very first supervisory assignment which is exciting as well as overwhelmingly scary.  So far she’s managed to keep her attraction to Sam, her boss and Hauberk Security’s owner, hidden but this assignment will put her in his company constantly until his stalker is caught and she’s not at all sure she’ll be able to keep her hands off him.


Sam tried to ignore the stalker’s threats and phone calls but the situation keeps escalating and the recent break-in of his apartment have left him little choice.  He must accept protection from his highly trained employees.  Sam is opposed to having Rosie protect him – not because he has any doubts about her abilities, but because of his attraction to her.  It will be impossible for him to deny that attraction if he’s constantly near her – and that would open his company up to a possible sexual harassment charge. 


Rosie and Sam keep their relationship entirely professional until Rosie learns that Sam hadn’t wanted her to protect him.  The confrontation that ensues leads to Sam being honest about his desire for her and a sexual relationship that they both find infinitely satisfying – though Rosie worries about the effect it will have on her job.  With the discovery of Sam’s involvement in an exclusive sex club Rosie finds herself pulled into a world she never imagined she’d find so captivating.  She certainly never anticipated how his past would come back to affect the relationship she now shares with Sam.


I’ve been anxiously awaiting this story since first being introduced to Sam in the first HAUBERK PROTECTION book, PRIVATE PROPERTY.  There was a sense of sadness and loneliness about him that defined him and made him impossible to forget.  In PRIVATE PROTECTION readers will get the opportunity to know Sam much better and meet the lady strong enough to tolerate his bullheadedness.  He’s not going to be able to intimidate her and that’s exactly what he needs.  While Sam and Rosie are the primary focus of this story, there are plenty of other characters to incite the imagination and make you want to know more about them.

Leah Braemel has written a perfect follow up storyline to PRIVATE PROPERTY in PRIVATE PROTECTION.  It’s not necessary to read the first book in order to enjoy this one but since events that happened in the first story are mentioned throughout this book I’d recommend you do so.  Besides, you’d get a better feel and understanding of Sam and how he thinks if you read this series in order.   I’m now very hopeful that we’ll see even more HAUBERK PROTECTION books in the near future since I’ve developed a real fondness for so many of these characters.


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