Personally or Professionally

Author: Danielle M. Angeline

Publisher: Publish America

Release Date: March 17, 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 2.5

Format: Print

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Michael Sterling literally runs into the one woman he has ever truly loved, Casey Andrews.  When he finds out that she had just lost her job, he jumps at the opportunity to hire her as a design manager for his company.  Michael has never loved any other woman, something even his dying sister pointed out.  But how can he convince Casey that they were meant to be together?  Michael just hopes that having her around professionally will draw them back together personally.

Ten years ago Casey had her heart broken by Michael when he moves across the country to go to college instead of staying where he was.  Now after all of this time and a much-mended heart, Michael shows up.  So when he offers her a job, Casey knows that she has to keep things professional in order to guard her heart.  But can Casey fight the desire she still feels for Michael?  Can Michael convince Casey to take a chance on him and true love once again?


Seeing Casey and Michael form a professional relationship along with reforming their personally relationship, plus the road blocks they encounter, make this a good story of true love reunited.  Hopefully Ms. Angeline‚Äôs next book will help answer some of the questions that I have about the first book.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Bea Sigman

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