Phantom's Pleasure
By Lacey
Apr 1, 2009 - 3:47:10 PM

When Jahzlyn Monroe attends her cousin’s Halloween party, she never expected to take home two men.  A little scuffle outside the party brings out two men dressed as phantoms to her rescue.  However, after one night of passion together, she disappears before more can be said or done, leaving the two men without a backward glance.


Garrett and Chay never expected their damsel in distress to bail on them, not after they determined she was the woman of their dreams.  They had her in their arms and then she was gone.  They wanted her back.  Garrett and Chay were seeking desperately to find her and when they did, the world righted again for all three of them…or so they thought.


Two phantoms for every woman!  Who wouldn’t want the protection and love of two hot men 24/7?  As the second book in the CIRCLE OF THREE series, Jahzlyn is an intelligent character trying to figure out her life, and the two men are a perfect match for Jahzlyn, completing their circle of three.  Brynn Paulin pens a sexy story with PHANTOM’S PLEASURE, one you don’t want to miss out on.

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