Phaze Fantasies - Volume IV
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 20, 2007 - 4:12:01 AM


Demon hunter Ryan Nixon has been hunting vampires for the past century. Behind his boyish, carefree good looks hides the determined heart and mind of a killer. What should have been a routine vampire hunt in Grand Central Station becomes a nightmare when the vampires prove to be the hunters rather than the hunted. Trapped with several other hunters, while they await the vampires next move, Ryan pairs up with the object of all his fantasies over the past decade - Tala Mamola. She saved him for the vampire attack that had resulted in his girlfriend’s death ten years ago and he’s had a serious case of hero worship and lust ever since.

Vivien Dean presents readers with a fascinating story full of passion, angst, fear, and a lot of kick-butt action. Ryan may be a demon hunter but there’s still a sense of innocence and insecurity about him - especially when it comes to Tala.


Doctor Martin Detweiller is searching for a cure to save the youth who have been mutating into what is known as Scorpicos. One of the main ingredients in his solution however is an illegal substance - an orchid. Katerina Metrenko is an orchid smuggler who’s busy raising several orphans. If she doesn’t sell follow the blackmailer's instructions in regard to selling the orchids, then her orphans will be carted off and forced to work the salt mines. Doctor Martin desperately needs her orchids and Katerina can’t risk losing her makeshift family by going against Mayor Grimsbee’s orders and refusing to sell to his buyers. Doctor Martin’s solution to both their problems is to get married.

Eva Gale presents a bleak future full of glimpses of hope with this tale. Plants are illegal, religion has basically been abolished and some youth have been mutating into giant spiders. OK as an official spider-hater I admit that was enough to horrify me, but plants being illegal? Religion abolished? There’s something wrong with a society where beauty and hope have been taken away. Fortunately there are people like Martin and Katerina who refuse to give up their beliefs.


Dani Whitehall passes through Grand Central Station every day on her way to and from work and she’s never noticed anything unusual, but then she runs into a mysterious and sexy stranger and suddenly she notices him there each day. While she’s attracted to him, he’s evasive and she grows concerned that he may be a stalker. He soon introduces himself as Trev Sutcliffe and his presence in the train station is job related. He’s guarding something, but what could it be? She’s unable to resist him and quickly discovers that he’s got a few secrets that she really needs to know. She even gets to see New York in a way she never imagined could possibly be real.

At some point in our lives we all see people we’re drawn to for no explicable reason. Normally we shrug and go on with our lives but what if that person is there day after day? Dani and Trev represent the present and the future and as a reader you think that there’s no way they’ll be able to be together but he’s one determined man and I had to admire the lengths he’d go to for her. Philippa Grey-Gerou tells an exciting tale with this story that will have you eagerly reading to see just how it turns out.


Rick Jones is on a mission and apparently the answers to the questions he’s seeking lie beneath the streets of New York - in Grand Central Station specifically. While Rick goes underground in search of answers he encounters a woman he finds just as intriguing as the answers he seeks. Beth’s job as a conservation expert at Grand Central Station gives Rick just the ‘in’ he needs to explore areas otherwise off-limits to the public. Rick’s determined to satisfy both his desire for Beth and find the answers to his questions, but will Beth believe him when the truth about his identity and what he’s doing is finally revealed?

Cat Johnson gives readers an inside look at the inner workings of Grand Central Station with this story. I had no idea there was so much historical significance to the site and found the work Beth does fascinating. Rick is in a difficult position, no matter how honest he’d like to be with Beth, he has a job to do and can’t jeopardize the case he's currently investigating by confiding in her. This is a touching story that will have readers eagerly reading to discover the secrets deep beneath the streets of New York.

Grand Central Station is a fascinating landmark. It’s full of tunnels and mysteries and it’s easy to see how many different stories could be written with the train station as a focal point. PHAZE FANTASIES - VOLUME IV presents four vastly different tales that add a sense of wonder and fascination to the historical train station while fueling readers fantasies. Each of these stories is excellently written and full of details that allow you to experience the stories along with the characters.

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