Phillipa's Fiddler

Author: Kay Layton Sisk

Publisher: Wings ePress, Inc.

Release Date: April 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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As a bassist for the rock band, Bond Cold-Alive, Ian Murray has everything the rock world has to offer, fame, fortune, and millions of fans. However, nothing can help him forget his first love, the beautiful Phillipa. On a two week pilgrimage back home to rest, relax, and pay homage to his mom's cooking, an unexpected visitor from the past presents him with an opportunity to recapture what he has lost. Will he grab it with both hands, or let love pass him by the second time around?

Phillipa Gray has not seen her grandmother for the pass two years when she receives a call that her Gran is dying. Overcome by love, guilt and obligation, the trip back to her childhood summer home is still one she makes with great reluctance. Too much anguish haunts her in that place of lost love, and shattered dreams for her to ever make the trip lightly. Then the sweet strains of a violin drift over from the house next door, and a once dead love flames back to life.
Kay portrays PHILLIPA'S FIDDLER, the famous bad boy Ian, as a caring uncle and son when back in the folds of his boisterous family. Just like any other man, Ian is plauged by plague insecurities, and the everyday duties of taking out the garbage. Juggling family and relationship problems, Ian comes across as only a gentleman musician can, playing beautiful music, and staying true to heart and family.
Though this is the fifth book of Kay Layton Sisk's TEXOMA SERIES, it can be read as a book on its own. Full of tidbits on the other members of Bone Cold-Alive rock band, the reader will not be left floundering in questions on who's who. Though, it is a possibility for one to be bitten by the curiosity bug and go seeking for rest of the series in order to find out the full story behind these intriguing characters. And reach for the final book in this wonderful series, ANYA'S DREAM.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: J.T.

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