Photo Opportunity
By Chrissy Dionne
May 5, 2008 - 2:01:00 PM

Daniel Tanner has been in love with Amy since he first met her. He was only fourteen, but even then he knew that she would be the only woman whom he’d ever truly want. He’d opted to be her lifelong friend and has spent seventeen years in that role. It’s time to take their relationship to a new level - a more intimate one.

Experience has taught Amy that friends are always around. Lovers leave. Sleeping with a friend like Daniel would be detrimental to their friendship and there’s no way she’d do anything to put their relationship in jeopardy. She may have had one or two erotic fantasies starring Daniel over the years but that’s as far as it’s ever gone. All of a sudden, he’s turning up the heat a notch and Amy is having difficulty resisting the sexual lure.

Daniel has learned a lot during the time he’s spent at Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs Hospital photographing scenes in the Pediatric Oncology and Hematology Ward. One little girl in particular touched his heart and made him realize that life is too short to take it or your loved ones for granted. Daniel has spent years being secretly in love with Amy hoping that someday she’d see him as more than a buddy. He’s not willing to wait any longer. He’s afraid that if he moves too fast he’ll scare Amy off so he enlists the help of his sister as well as a friend and uses some devious plots to entice Amy to see him as more than just a friend. What he doesn’t realize is that Amy already thinks he’s too sexy for his own good and she is very attracted to him. She also believes that he’s commitment phobic. If she falls into his arms and bed will she lose her best friend and lover or will they discover that friends really do make the best lovers?

I have to confess that I love stories where best friends fall in love or discover that they’ve been in love for years. They’re always so emotionally charged and it’s so much fun to imagine the couple struggling to accept this new dimension to their relationship. Daniel’s plots are sinfully amusing and had me laughing out loud at his audacity. Amy’s fear of losing Daniel’s friendship is very understandable considering the role that males have played in her life. PHOTO OPPORTUNITY is more than just a sweet romance. It also brings to light the plight of children with horrible illnesses and just how truly precious life is and how often we take it for granted.

PHOTO OPPORTUNITY is more than Jessica Dee’s first published book. It’s also the first book in a two-part series about the Tanner siblings. For Lexxie's story be sure to pick up a copy of ASK ADAM.

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