Pickup Man
By Bea Sigman
Jan 1, 2005 - 1:42:00 AM

Tyler Parton is one hundred percent sexy cowboy. With his shoulder length hair and to-die-for butt, there was no way Jana Tucker was letting him scare her off with a scowl. She had a bet to win, one that would prove to her friends that she was not the shy spinster they claimed she was, and getting this hot looking cowboy to take her for a ride was the only way she was going to get it. And from the looks of his Wranglers, it will be a ride she will never forget or want to end.

With bad runs all day, the only thing bronco and bull rider Tyler Parton wanted was to be left alone and drink his beer. But the pretty little lady that sat next to him just wouldn’t take no for an answer. Jana has some fierce determination to take his mind off his bad day at the rodeo and with a lush body like hers, how could he say no. Seems like Tyler’s luck just might be getting better.

Deirdre O’Dare takes us on a hot and sensual ride when she brings together these two characters. Jana is a woman who is on a mission to prove her friends wrong, and what better man to help her out than a hunky cowboy who has all the right moves. With exciting characters and some steamy sex, this book will quench the thirst of any erotica lover.

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