Picture Perfect - Lost Boys and Love Letters Book Two
By Christina
Jul 7, 2009 - 1:32:14 PM

Cameron Walker is happy to have his Sixteen year old niece coming to stay with him for the summer. He loves Emily and having her around is always a lot of fun. When she arrives she often seems sad but once in town she quickly comes to life, it does Cam’s heart good to see it. As an added bonus she will be working in the local vet’s office which will hopefully give Cam a chance to see Dr. Jeremy Montgomery on a regular basis.

Cam has had a crush on Jeremy since they were in high school but has never acted on his feelings. Cam has recently survived an abusive relationship and it has left him with little or no self confidence. He knows he will probably never have the courage to ask Jeremy out—until a chance meeting at a wedding changes everything.


When Jeremy asks Cam to dance it is one of the best moments of his life. He realizes that Jeremy has feelings for him as well and he joyfully agrees to go out on a date with him. The connection between them is very strong and they quickly fall deeply in love but Cam still has a lot of issues from his former relationship he must work through, issues that he finds very difficult to talk about. Slowly, with Jeremy’s support he begins to have more confidence in himself.


PICTURE PERFECT is the second novel in Bethany Brown and Ashlyn Kane’s LOST BOYS AND LOVE LETTERS series but it can be read on its own. This is an enjoyable and engaging novel. Cam and Jeremy are romantic and delicious together. They are obviously perfect for one another. I appreciated that once they got together they stayed together. I found the lack of an obligatory breakup scene both refreshing and delightful. Cam’s family and friends are a great deal of fun and liked the way they cared for and supported the heroes. I especially fell in love with Hershey. I want a dog just like her. PICTURE PERFECT is well worth a read.

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