Pieces of my Sister's Life
By Leigh
Sep 1, 2007 - 1:50:10 PM

Identical twins Eve and Kerry are as close as two siblings can be. When they are six, their mother leaves, and they move to Block Island with their father. There they meet their new neighbor, Justin, who is three years older and spins magical tales of elves and fairies for the girls. Both girls are completely enthralled with Justin, and the three children spend the next decade sharing games and stories, the best of friends.

When the girls are sixteen, they lose their father. His death destroys the twin’s world as they know it and sets into motion events that tear Eve and Kerry apart and haunt them as the years pass. At seventeen, Kerry leaves Block Island, Eve, and Justin, with no intention of ever returning to any of them.


Thirteen years later, Kerry listens to a message on her answering machine that brings the past crashing back. The voice belongs to Justin, telling her that Eve is dying and Kerry needs to come home before it’s too late. Kerry’s return to Block Island forces the sisters to deal with the events of that fateful year, and to finally put the past behind them and make an attempt to salvage their relationship before it’s too late.


Author Elizabeth Joy Arnold’s debut novel is a keeper. The story pulls you in from the first chapter, giving enough of a glimpse of the twin’s past to keep you turning pages to discover just what would splinter such a close bond, and what it will take to heal the rift. The story is written from Kerry’s point-of-view, making her a more sympathetic character than either Eve or Justin, although the author does show both these character’s motivations successfully. The past and present are alternated throughout the novel, keeping the tension building through the last chapters; this story has a slight mystery feel to it that adds enormously to its appeal. Emotional and insightful, this is an engaging family drama that you’ll want to read in one sitting.

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